If in the past the preparation of herbal teas was exclusively aimed at exploiting the medicinal purposes of herbs, in modern times the progress of science has meant that the consumption of these drinks became a daily pleasure rather than a way of healing. Nevertheless, in the case of slight physical ailments, you can still choose to resort to an herbal tea thanks to the extraordinary simplicity of its preparation, which can be carried out by infusion, maceration or decoction. In fact, it is possible to prepare herbal teas with most of the plants present in nature, so the benefits of these drinks are potentially infinite chinese supplements online shop.

Let’s find out which are the most effective herbal teas both to prevent and to remedy small daily or seasonal problems:

Sedative herbal teas: based on passion flower and hawthorn are able to give pleasant relief to those suffering from digestive problems or heartburn;

Laxative herbal teas: prepared mainly based on greenhouse and buckthorn, or cascara sagrada and rhubarb, they are ideal for reducing abdominal swelling and improving intestinal problems.

Digestive herbal teas: based on lemon balm and mint, they are precious allies after very rich meals.

Purifying and diuretic herbal teas: by combining flue and black horseradish, or licorice and burdock you can obtain a product that will help you purify yourself and reduce water retention.

Aphrodisiac herbal teas: based on ginseng and damiana, or ginseng and echinacea, these preparations increase the desire.

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