Noble cause is without a doubt a decent deed!!!- – Contact Food from the Heart!!!

Any person requires the fundamental requirement for food. For individuals who can’t manage the cost of the everyday need for food, our association ensures that they are given by a steady wellspring of food. This association requires gifts just as volunteers to keep it running. The gifts given by you will uphold our recipients with great food to eat each day. You can give the cash online by giving your charge card subtleties on the gifts page of the site. The internet based gift has the choice of month to month gift or a one-time gift. You can pick either the two and give the cash to the penniless. Gifts as money or checks are welcome by visiting the workplace for gifts from Monday to Friday at the hour of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Food from the heart has the choice of the shop and give for food good cause and charity donation Hong kong.

There is a rundown of food parcels that are right now needed for the recipients. The food and charity donation things are recorded beneath:

  1. 1-liter cooking oil
  2. Evaporated Milk
  3. Canned false meat
  4. Canned Vegetable-peas, beans and mushrooms
  5. Canned Soup
  6. Coffee/Tea Powders
  7. Canned meat/fish
  8. Vermicelli
  9. 1kg Rice
  10. Biscuits
  11. Canned seared dace
  12. Assorted canned Pork items

Convey all the food things to the stockroom of Food from the Heart. Convey it just during their working hours.

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