Newer development which everyone should use

Looking forward to tasty hot and cold beverages in private and in the professional environment: at home in the kitchen, in the garden, on the balcony, but also in companies in waiting rooms, conference rooms or canteens it became very simple. The practical alternative to carrying crates and returning deposits is this water dispenser . You are also doing something good for the environment, because you are actively reducing packaging waste and thus reducing your carbon footprint.

The required water gallons can be conveniently delivered and picked up, stored on site and then easily mounted on the water dispenser. It’s that easy. No more stress and hassle with collecting water crates and returnable bottles, no hassle with beverage deliveries and no more time-consuming bookkeeping.

Refreshing cold and warming beverages at the push of a button

Fast and easy to fresh drinks and tasty instant meals. The cooling capacity is 4-12 ° Celsius and the heating capacity is 85 ° -95 ° C. So you can easily prepare coffee and tea, but also delicious bag soups or other tasty instant meals as a snack in between.

The electric water dispenser hong kong is suitable for water gallons with a capacity of 5 and 18.9 liters. The professional water dispenser for the office makes an important contribution to ensuring the daily supply of water. It is recommended that adults drink 1.5 liters every day.

Another practical detail: there are two storage compartments integrated in the water dispenser, which you can lock with a door. There you can store, for example, tea bags for preparing fruit and herbal tea or coffee powder.

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