Helping hand to deal the account maintaining

The systematic maintenance of the account very much important to deal with the auditing session in very smooth way. It gives the clear clyster view of way the organization that maintain the financial records. accounting services hong kong and book keeping services hong kong gives a clearpicture bout account dealing.

Hong Kong Inland revenue Ordinance and Companies registers many companies that are re quired to maintain and prepare the records related to finance and also hire regional qualified accounting firm to do audit task associated with financial statements.

Highlights on the accounting and auditing-

  • Hong Kong based companies must and should maintain accounting records for at least seven years which can be till the financial year ending,
  • All most all Hong Kong companies must carry out its audit based on annual financial statements, excluding for dormant company.
  • There are many Hong Kong based accounting services meant for the business. Experienced and certified accounts provide the service that can relieve from the burden of reporting and have helps to focus on your business more.
  • Effective communication and integration will make great companion.
  • Prepare the systematic annual statutory related to accounts which highlights on profit and los account including balance sheet and trial balance.
  • These companies are most liable for the first tax return filing.
  • Business owner are ensured for tax planning and even consultation. They also provide offshore tax claim application for delving income outside Hong Kong.


It surely to be the trust worthy services that help to deal with the accounting and auditing services in much systematic way.

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