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Ye mayachesave is a south indian sentimental show movie made by Gautham Menon. It has got probably the best melodic that our entertainment world has ever observed. This film makes a state of mind that makes you succumb to that couple by its passionate discoursed and wonderful and charming ambient sounds. This is one of those top Tollywood films with mind blowing soundtracks that you can watch romantic movies online on Aha. Online movies free are the best option to while away time.


The story starts in an ordinary and working class family house who leases the upper segment to occupants. Karthik, child of the proprietor succumbs to the little girl of occupants Jessie. Karthik is an enthusiastic producer who fills in as an associate chief for tollywood films with an intent to make his own movies. Jessie is from a standard christian family. As she strolls in the road regularly to go to her work, karthik follows her ordinarily to the furthest limit of the road attempting to chat and dazzle her. His endeavors show the outcomes as she succumbs to him as well. Yet, she realizes that her family will never acknowledge somebody from another religion particularly when he works in movies. Jessie’s sibling becomes more acquainted with him and provokes him however the legend wins. The two families querell and inhabitants leave to kerala. She will organize a marriage with different men however she drops directly on wedding day and runs back as the legend watches from behind. As Karthik turns out to be in a real sense occupied as associate chief, he was unable to invest enough energy and they separated. Later on, the two of them meet without a moment’s delay, doing their own work. They speak and understand that the two of them are as yet single since they love one another. They get hitched directly at that spot and carry on with a glad coexistence. Karthik at last makes a film life.

Technical execution:

  • Naga Chaitanya was so acceptable! He has raised the heart thumps of numerous young ladies. He was a charmer and his acting was on an elevated level. He is worth a large number of words.
  • Samantha, Oh doll! She is simply marvelous, despite the fact that it was her first film m! She never depicted herself as low! She was delightful, intense and certain.
  • Krishnudu was the best supporting part for the legend! Being quite an extraordinary entertainer is a resource for the film.
  • All the minor and significant characters in the film have worked superbly in the motion pictures, they are simply wonderful!

For what reason to watch ye Maya Chesave:

  • Since it’s a wonderful film!
  • To turn into a fan for chai and Sam! A cool and cutest couple in Indian entertainment world.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Naga Chaitanya

Actress: Samantha Akkineni

Other actors: Krishnudu, SudheerBabu, Sanjay Swaroop

Director: Gautham Menon

Banner: Indira Productions

Producer: ManjulaGhattamaneni, Sanjay Swaroop

Music: A. R. Rahman

Cinematography: ManojParamahamsa

Editing: Anthony Gonsalves

Written  By: Gautham Menon, VikasNallajerla

Dialogues: UmarjiAnuradha

Other information:

Runtime: 162 minutes

Release date: 26 February 2010

Genre: romance

Budget: ₹9.80 crore

Box Office: ₹40 crore

This film will take your heart regarding its music and feeling that leaves you speechless. This is one of those romantic movies online with mind blowing soundtracks that you can watch online movies free on Aha!